Why did the PSG players troll Erling Haaland? | Oh My Goal

Neymar, Mbappé and all Paris Saint-Germain’s other players trolled Haaland after PSG’s win over Dortmund in the Champions League. Neymar recreated his celebration after he scored then by the whole team, on the pitch and in the locker room.

Neymar even posted a message on Instagram trolling Haaland more. But why did the players target Haaland in particular?


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28 thoughts on “Why did the PSG players troll Erling Haaland? | Oh My Goal”

  1. Well we don't care what Dortmund social media account says about other clubs or players. They're doing it for months. They trolled Barcelona with their tweets " we'll take corner quickly". But we all know the results. They got big mouth. But they're not the winning team. Worst team ever with a very disappointing defence.


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