Warcraft 3 Reforged | Troll & Elves x4 2020

Warcraft III Reforged custom maps are finally released by Blizzard. Playing a Warcraft 3 reforged custom map called troll & Elves. The objective of the game is build your base as elves using your resources and defend against the troll by building a wall and towers. This map is similar to vampirism.

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We’re hoping on the warcraft reforged custom maps train! I hope you enjoy.

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Intro: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic

Outro: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne – Lich King Cinematic

Warcraft 3 Custom Maps Playlist

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37 thoughts on “Warcraft 3 Reforged | Troll & Elves x4 2020”

  1. Vimp… boots are not needed. Ionic Gloves has max move speed, or so it says at least 😛 Boots are just early game when you really need to get them early feeds.

  2. This map have huge balance problems, classic version is nearly perfectly done – here atleast books already broke everything – when troll get access to them, his power gaining is increases from 3floor house to the sky. Meanwhile elfs not even close at same unlock.

    Thinking about how to fix… but really don't want do anything because f**** EULA, blizz even gameplay can steal right now.

  3. When its almost a end game, and I have a lot of gold and lumber, my game is getting crashed all the time… am I alone with that issue or anyone have it also?

  4. Well played VimpGaming.
    I love this map, Troll Vs Elves, specially x2 and x4 is some time limit fun, as most players dont stay for many rounds. But i truely love x4, as can control whole map fast as elves.
    And small maps dont need to worry about feeding troll, can annoy troll at middle 😉

    oh well.. this game makes me wanna get Reforged and play TvE x4 all day:

    Very nice things with tomes instead of final items, troll got a chance vs End Game Wall ;D awesome.

  5. Fun game. It's nice that the game converts the gold to lumber when you reach a million gold too, and farming the inside bases speeds up the troll power since the damage/gold isn't reduced by armor.


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