USWNT CRACK | funny moments [23] | but it's only christen press

number 23 is very special to me.

check out my insta and tumblr for sneak peeks and teasers. and to see me obsess over cp23.

I’m forever grateful for your interest and kind words.

troll song used:

dome sweet dome by Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties

calm song:
forever yours by Wayne Jones

sneaky song:
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Promoted by MrSnooze
Creative Commons — CC BY 3.0

cinnamon roll appreciation song:
cuppy cake song.

started on Feb. 25th – finished on Mar. 3rd

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38 thoughts on “USWNT CRACK | funny moments [23] | but it's only christen press”

  1. Christen Press is a footballer in all sense of the world. I don't understand why coaches in the past have not selected her as a starter. The only explanation is that as football is a very intense sport most players are used alternatively.

  2. No offence I’ve watched every video these are literally my favorite YouTube vids ever but every time it gets to the cinnamon roll part of Christine press I end the video and for to first time I won’t be watching one of them cause I don’t like Christen press. I’m not trying to be rude or start an argument cause I respect her completely and I think she’s an amazing soccer player but i have no clue why I just don’t like her lol.

  3. All my feelings mixed in this video, my God, how much I love her
    Christen Whatever we write out words, we cannot describe you or describe our love for you, the best !!

    *Thanks for this beautiful video. You are talented and funny. I loved it

  4. Most people dont know why 4:09 is such a special moment. For those of you who dont, she looked up to the sky in remembrance of her mother that had passed away on 1/23/19. What a moment for her. And this was the greatest video I have ever seen on YouTube by far, it's not even close. Thank you so much


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