Troll Tricks Clueless HLN Anchor

During a recent segment on HLN one of its hosts wanted to question whether or not Edward Snowden should be on Twitter. Yasmin Vossoughian was mentioning a tweet by George Pataki. The tweet said, “@Twitter is a great American company that should not give a platform to terrorists or traitors – Shutdown @Snowden today.” Snowden did start his own Twitter account and of course some conservative politicians in the U.S. are not too happy about it.


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Troll Tricks Clueless News Anchor

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48 thoughts on “Troll Tricks Clueless HLN Anchor”

  1. Proof that when she was not allowed the power of free speech by her master, she will blindly listen.
    (#1 she needs to gain the power of free will but in not a way as such to be arrogant)
    This is the society we live in you have the power to change this. Why are we not doing this?

  2. It's just like on Anchor Man. She'll say whatever's on the script. She doesn't even listen to what her guests say obviously. Well worth whatever they pay her to be a talking head.

  3. I can't believe she asked why he picked a country like Russia to stay. Dumb woman, and not just because she didn't listen to one dang thing he was saying. She is no more a reporter than I am.

  4. it's not like you guys deliver the news either, you guys are massive trolls, lol. it's clear why you guys are still monetized… you don't deliver anything in opposition to the Zionist agenda EVER, lol

  5. She was reading off a pre-written speech…but what the fuck happens to her brain when she stops talking? Does it just shut down completely with no brain activity what so ever and then only turns on when she needs to talk again. Even if she wasn't listening perfectly to every single thing he was saying surely the words 'scissors for hands', 'created on top of a mountain', and 'Edward Scissorhands' would jump out as 'what the fuck did he just say' moments. Young Turks are giving this women too much credit, something is wrong with her brain


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