TROLL HUNTING: Making a House a Home – Episode 7

DO YOU BELIEVE IN TROLLS!? We’re going on a Troll Hunt in Bergen, and things are getting pretty crazy! Leave us a comment with your favorite part! ๐Ÿ™‚


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33 thoughts on “TROLL HUNTING: Making a House a Home – Episode 7”

  1. Americans always cling to where their grandparents came from and don't realise the people actually from those countries find it annoying hearing them think they're from that country…

  2. Absolutely loved seeing you Troll hunt with Lucy. I kept thinking about how cool it was that the movie Frozen decided to incorporate this part of tradition and culture into the movie, since Norway is where it is meant to take place!

  3. I love how you guys make you family history so alive and relevant to you! Itโ€™s definitely inspiring me to learn more about my heritage ๐Ÿ’•
    Also I canโ€™t wait til we travel with our two little girls and have memories the way you do with Lucy and Greta!

  4. my grandma is 100% hungarian and we practice some hungarian culture in our home and its so cool to see yall finding more into your heritage. i so badly want to visit hungary to meet my lost family

  5. The way Greta ate that Lollipop (that's the name of the popsicle)… I'm laughing so hard, what a cutie pie.ย Love how seriously Lucy took that troll hunt… because I feel robbed that I never got taken on any troll hunts now. I even have a very troll-y forest RIGHT by where I grew up. Might need to have a word with my parents about their failures.ย 

    I really love that you actually saw very Norwegian things, like this wasn't a surface touristy visit, you genuinely saw these places how I want people to see this beautiful country. The most famous tourist spot and the museums are nice, but it's not all that Norway is.

  6. I think you're gonna need a little troll garden in your yard! So cute watching Lucy look for trolls! Also, I was OBSESSED with that kitchen last week. Total goals! That whole AirBNB was to die for! Can't wait to see the progress on your new build!

  7. Your daughters are literally so darling!! My wife and are a newly married a few months ago and watching your videos gets us so excited to have kids one day, yโ€™all are goals! thanks for sharing!!


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