Stephen A. shocked LeBron didn’t respond to Kawhi’s trolling | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss LeBron James not playing well vs. Kawhi Leonard in the battle of LA. Stephen A. Smith was disappointed in LeBron not responding to Kawhi Leonard trying to take his throne and become the King of Los Angeles.
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46 thoughts on “Stephen A. shocked LeBron didn’t respond to Kawhi’s trolling | First Take”

  1. Lbj went to la to retire. He’s stackin bread & planting the seeds for generational wealth. I promise he cares more about his wig than he does winning a ring now. Thats why he checked out after his last finals loss with Cleveland.

  2. The way to a Chip is A.D not L.B Kawhi is too efficient compared to L.B he is a far better Defender shooter and in his prime. A.D efficiency is just getting tapped into. L.B is doing the right thing focus on the team and improving the best shot at winning it all. Exploit what u are great at Max is on point. 😂😂😂 and no one in the NBA wants that smoke with Kawhi. He is the best player in the NBA and a Killer.

  3. 1 no one ever questioned if he Is on the mount roushmore. 2 it's the first game lebron was trying to see if Ad can lead the team which he clearly can't. So u will see a different lebron goin ffwd

  4. Lebron don’t need to respond to nothing unless it involves dollar signs. kawhi getting paid to throw shade, why can’t he.. All he needs to do is make the playoffs.. trash every team in the way, and destroy the clippers. Eliminate any team that comes out the East at any means necessary. Win the championship and throw it at the media.

  5. How are you trying to say a basketball player 17 years into his career 20 years if you count playoffs is at his Peak if people are going to casually try to say that and not acknowledged if that is the case he has to be taking some kind of performance-enhancing drugs

  6. It's not about questioning his greatness, more importantly it's about questioning his toughness which he has never had. LeBron is not considered a tough guy by anybody in the league he is soft he will win to the refs if he gets pushed around a little

  7. The only way a person like SAS is going to be happy is if Lebron plays every great player in their prime 1 on 1 and SAS gets to critique that outcome. SAS wont give Lebron any reprieve when it comes to other aspects of the game thats not in Lebron favor right now. Like the Clippers bench went bananas on the Lakers. The Lakers have no playmaking guards until Rondo comes back and Rondo is as old as Lebron. Lebron not gonna wear himself out trying outscore Kawhi and still lose the game.

  8. Lebron shys away from the moment…again! Lebron has been wired like this since day one. MJ would’ve went back at kawhi in every way possible. Lebron looked like he didn’t even want the ball in the 2nd half. If you’re going to loose it’s better to go out swinging then to go out quietly like that. Part of being clutch is wanting the responsibility and wanting the ball in your hands when your team gets down and Lebron still hasn’t shown that. Shoot the ball who cares if it messes up your “stats”

  9. Ask Scotty Pippin was it a rival when Chris Johnson said he was weak and it Michael team.🤔🤔🤔🤔 Now this man making commercials and get a crown on his key chain if that was Michael every time he get the ball he would call for isolation. Look how Beverley challenge Lonzo took the boy soul out of him.

  10. You lot still talking about the very first game that happened at the very beginning of the season where LeBron returned from an Injury? And Kawhi is an incredible player but he did not win because of the defense he played on LeBron, he won the final MVP because he was the player opposite of LeBron on the winning team just like Iggy. Secondly, when LeBron engages in drama you get mad at him and when he doesn't you want him to? Leave that man alone and stop tryna get rating off of his name. Keeping it official, we'd like to hear about other players doing well, yes LeBron is arguably still the face of the NBA but the NBA has so much incredible talent. He's 17 or whatever seasons in & you're still questioning his heart like he hasn't proven that already?

    Yeah he's rusty but lets say we're judging off of the first couple of games, I'd be questioning whether he's slowing down a little bit and losing that athletic ability or is it just rust. If you watch the games you'll know what I'm talking about, no one really cares about this rivalry that you're trying to create, LeBron is past his prime, I think we can all agree on that, Kawhi is in his prime.


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