Kevin Durant Flips Out On Internet Troll

KD needs a hobby. Rick Strom, Denise Jones, and Brett Erlich break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rick Strom

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24 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Flips Out On Internet Troll”

  1. Hes making millions doing what he loves(hopefully). What he is doing is making people realize hes just human. Put in hard work and face him on the court not behind a keyboard.

  2. U don't see LAbron James doin this foolishness, can't even occupy himself to do sum different other than be on Twitter hoping people love him and not hate him, y does it matter if someone likes or hates U, aren't u consecutive two time finals MVP?

  3. He tries to pretend like he doesn't care when he's so insecure over the nba fan base hating him. He gets so triggered. I'm a Cavs fan so I got no love but dude, have some respect, did you lose it all when you left okc? By you getting triggered every time someone critiques you, it validates their message of you

  4. The guys right kd can never be a leader and as soon as Russ decided that they needed a leader and became one kd got triggered and left to go play for a guy who would let him think he’s the leader when we all know he really isn’t

  5. Steph needed Klay, Dray plus a great system, KD needed Steph, Klay, Dray, and a great system lmao Steph still got more credibility then KD cause Steph helped build that Warriors playstyle and Culture, KD just hopped into the team and their culture. There is a difference from Steph helping build the Warriors, and KD just jumping on and being a guy that gets buckets.

  6. The lil kid got mad cus he told him his opinion won’t be used as motivation… the kid got butt hurt n started saying dumb shit… Fact: KD bust LBJ ass in back to back finals. LBJ fan boys hate KD guts cus he ruined LBJ legacy 😭😭😭

  7. KD is very insecure, the kid he was arguing with was right about Bron being a better leader idk about steph he leads by example. Draymond leads vocally. Kd dosen't lead at all


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