Kevin Durant Cannot Stop Responding To Trolls On Twitter | SportsNation | ESPN

The SportsNation crew comments on how Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant cannot stop responding to trolls on Twitter.

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43 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Cannot Stop Responding To Trolls On Twitter | SportsNation | ESPN”

  1. How is it "falling back in the pack" or a "bought ring"?????? He averaged 35-8-6 on 55-47-93 shooting so like get the heck outta here, if you saying its bough cuz there isn't good enough competition then most of LBJ's recent Eastern conference championships were bought cuz the east is a piece of trash with 0 competition for the superteams LBJ constructed

  2. I think the fact that KD responds on hating comments on Twitter proves that he didn't feel that well when he left OKC.I mean he definitely cared about his move, he knows that he made a really weak ass move

  3. KD seems like a lonely dude and I think in his heart he knows he burned serious bridges in OKC, and it was wrong. If he accomplished what he did where he belongs, in OKC, that would've been one of the most beautiful titles of all time. Just a damn shame this age of disloyalty we are in, and it appears KD himself isn't settled. Otherwise, there's no need to tweet slander at kids on the internet. Weak all around, but most of all, sad for the sports community. That dude will never sit at the Kareem, MJ, Magic, Kobe, Bird type tables. He's going to be in the back with his mom.

  4. He can't stop responding because truth hurts. He is a bum who can't carry a team so went to a team that'll make his way to championship not a challenge. Coward "superstar". Why would a guy who can't carry a team and afraid of responsibilities considered a superstar anyways?

  5. KD much like Bron allows the slightest negative thing said about him to get under his skin. I gotta give Curry Some Credit he has been not only playing like a champion he has been acting like a champion

  6. I swear Star Athletes especially nba ones are such soft ass pussies these days. Lebron James And Kevin Durant Have gotta be two softest superstars ever. Its a travesty that People try to compare kd ir lbj to mj because mj would destroy both of these unloyal, softer than charmin crybabies easily!!!!

  7. Y'all think just cuz KD an athlete with a large following that he ain't supposed to respond to trolls. He's human just like us, so with all the trolls, he gonna eventually respond at some point. What if large amounts of people went on your account to call u a bitch, just because u went to Microsoft instead of Apple? And I know people finna call me a dickrider but that just prove that y'all just as insecure as KD if u care that much of what I'm saying

  8. For all the talk of the warriors ruining the NBA, they sure upped the level other teams aspire to. I can't remember paying attention in the offseason as much as this year…and a big part of that is because some of these teams are really swinging high in a response to the warriors.

  9. It blows my mind that KD really thought that people weren't gonna say anything about his move to GS. IT WAS WEAK BRUH. YOU joined a GS squad that was 73-9 AND YOU, along with OKC, chocked a 3-1 lead in the western conference championship. The most you can do now is own up to it. No doubt KD is a fucking BOSS, he's a hall of famer, but He's just making himself look even weaker.


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