How Does Atlanta United Cope Without Josef Martinez? | FIVE STRIPE WEEKLY PODCAST #120

In this episode, the guys review the very eventful MLS opener against Nashville SC, including discussion on their goalkeeper Joe Willis and whether he should have received a red card or not! They also discuss the devastating injury to Josef Martinez and what the options are in finding a fill-in striker! In addition, they update you on the week’s news and answer your burning Atlanta United questions! What are your thoughts? COMMENT TO JOIN IN!

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27 thoughts on “How Does Atlanta United Cope Without Josef Martinez? | FIVE STRIPE WEEKLY PODCAST #120”

  1. Ref thinking: “here I’m about to blow the whistle and this fuckin meathead goes and does this. Either call has a valid argument. Atlanta’s already won. Why give Numbnuts, the starting GK for a team in its inaugural match, a red now. Give him a yellow, give ATL the ball and blow the whistle in a few secs. I’ll deal with the backlash cuz I’m getting it either way.”

  2. I think this is gonna be Pity's year. Once we get over the hump of visa issues and minor injuries in the midfield and back, then we can have a better look at what shape ATL UTD will go to. A sign on striker will help relieve Jahn and Barco/Pity up front especially once the schedule gets more congested and if we manage to advance in CCL.

  3. First, I want to say that I love the show. But on to the question. I think that it will be Pity. I have been a Pity fan since the beginning, I just understood that he had a lot to deal with off the pitch coming to a new country without his family etc. He seems, to me, to have worked out his issues with FDB. Most importantly, he wants to go to Europe. Everyone knows that Josef is the star of the team, without Josef this will be his time to shine. Two bad seasons will not look good for him. I think that Barco will step up too, but I think that Pity will edge him out.
    Unrelated, I have seen some of you guys at the MBS. Would it be okay to fangirl and say hi and that I love the show, or would that be to creepy and weird?

  4. Should have reached out to me directly for comment. I never sent a message telling anyone to post a rumor. 🤷🏽‍♂️ If the #MSLArmy wants me to sign for Atlanta, they will do what the must to make it happen. I’m just here to watch how this #Quinspiracy plays out 🏄🏽 👽

  5. Realistic points expectation (assuming Josef doesn't make a miraculous recovery)?

    Also I'd like to see Josef take the whole season off, even if that hurts us, because I don't want to see him re-injure it

  6. We saw 12000 from atlanta united the day after the game. We were in section 109 and the 2 sections to midfield and 4 to our right were all AUFC all the way from the first bowl to the 3rd bowl.

    We could not hear any of the supports from nashville and only heard ours. We were in the 3rd row from the pitch and it was crystal clear AUFC out numbered the NSC fans.

  7. Not gonna panic yet.
    If we continue with 343: I'm envisioning offense: Barco (LW), Pity (False 9/CF), Castro (RW). Midfield: Mulraney (LAM), Remedi (left CM), Rossetto (right CM), Hyndman (RAM). Defense: Meza (LB), Robinson (CB), Escobar (RB) and of course, Guzan in goal. Not a huge fan of plugging in Adam Jahn and just going from there. Thoughts?

  8. Not an Atlanta supporter,, but this sucks. Josef's quality made other teams step up their game, especially defenders. Hopefully he will be back soon, as this league needs players of his quality on the pitch. Ezequiel and Pity now have to step up and carry the team. Hopefully this setback will showcase what they've really got.

  9. How about getting roger Martinez from club America on loan? He’s bascially scratched off America this season and is looking to leave summer window. Needs somewhere to play meanwhile, and Atlanta need player meanwhile…. eh?

  10. Man heart breaking! Praying Joseph has a fast recovery. They should definitely hold him out all season. We need to think long term. To bad we got rid of all that depth (no Tito, no Vazquez, no Romario).

  11. The team just needs to step up until he comes back he will work hard to make sure he is stronger than ever. We as the fans need to come out to truly support the team, make sure we are behind them and this season is definitely going to be an interesting one. I'm not a Daniel Sturridge fan, he injury prone. What about roger Martinez?

  12. Yes we still could make a run for the cup.Look at
    all of the injuries Toronto had last season.. This is the MLS aka League of parity.We are the A! This adversity will not stop us.


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