EURO 2020 postponed! + SIX players to leave Liverpool? ► Daily News

On Today’s Daily News – Mahrez heading to PSG, Chelsea want Dembele, Liverpool’s summer exodus, UEFA chasing more money as EURO 2020 is postponed and a transfer round up!

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30 thoughts on “EURO 2020 postponed! + SIX players to leave Liverpool? ► Daily News”

  1. this is probably the first time I disagree with Matt… throwing Fellaini and Origi as well as Shaquiri under the bus like that is a bit unfair considering they know their position and still give 100% for the team when they do come on

  2. -Karius needs to go.
    -Lovren also needs to go.
    -I think Clyne should go somewhere else, maybe if he plays somewhere else the injuries will stop.
    -Keita needs to stay.
    -Divock….I think he'll leave but it's gonna be a big loss for us.(Unless we sign Timo)
    -Not sure about Shaqiri, unless Salah is sold to another club and no one else comes in for his place (Timo's not a winger) I'm guessing he'll be off to somewhere else.

  3. Karius: sell. I still have flashbacks

    Clyne: sell. I love him but there’s no room for him in the squad especially with Neco Williams looking really promising

    Lovren: sell. I love him too but he just isn’t good enough or us and our ambitions.

    Shaqiri: I can’t decide. There are positives and negatives to selling him. He is our best Salah backup and Shaqiri wanting you play as much as possible that limits young player (Elliot, Wilson when he comes back from loan) chances to play but if Salah gets a long term injury I don’t want to put the pressure on a young player like Barca and Ansu Fati rn

    Origi: keep. We surely can’t sell our god himself. I think he’ll stay for one more season. Rotate with Brewster as backup ST and then the season after that he’ll be gone and Brewster will be backup. But if we sign Werner then he’ll be gone this summer.

    Keita: sell. I don’t want to sell him but it’s probably the best option. We have so many midfielders and him and Ox are pretty much the same player.

    Lallana: sell. You didn’t mention him but I want to sell him because I love him but he isn’t good anymore. He is holding back some youngsters like Jones from getting into the team.


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