Draymond Green And LeBron James Troll Each Other On Instagram | First Take | June 16, 2017

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on Draymond Green and LeBron James trolling each other on Instagram during the Golden State Warriors’ parade.

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47 thoughts on “Draymond Green And LeBron James Troll Each Other On Instagram | First Take | June 16, 2017”

  1. kick the horse during the race not after. I would have respected green had he wore that shirt during the playoffs not after same with lebron let's see this trash talk during the playoffs not after , it's false bravado it's basically saying your scared to the stir the pot whilst in competition because it might bring the best out of your opponent. but when you have already won you wanna get arrogant , it's means you lacked the confidence when the result was in question I cant honour that.

  2. I just thought of something Andre igdoula is a bandwagon when the warriors beat the nuggets in 2013 NBA finals he joined the warriors in the off-season same with kd lol

  3. Crazy to think KD would have won the finals in 2012 if LeBron never did what he did and left Cleveland for Miami. Oh how different the NBA landscape would be right now.

  4. Stephen n Smith ur d one who should shut up n get lost..ur so double minded it's not funny..I would like to see u not respond to anyone spewin shit about u..that would never happen..n ur d real loser…

  5. hahaahaha lebron is so mad!! It's so funny to watch such a fake "tough guy" to cry. And about time he shaved his head, he isn't fooling anyone with this hair plugs.

  6. Seen Kyle korver out on the three point line trying to guard KD. KD kept torching him Kyle looked over to lebron like WTF you me to do you trying guarding this dude. Lol

  7. so LeBron is expected to be silent because he lost yet Draymond isn't expected to be the bigger man because he already won? hmm lol let them troll.. I'm just saying dray would get killed by LBJ in a 1on1 lol

  8. Stephen is tripping. This applies to anybody, when someone tries to burn you , you burn back period. Doesn't matter if you lost or won. You never just let someone talk shit. We all know that. I'm glad Lebron said some shit, even tho it was kinda weak 😂 but fuck it. In the end I'm pretty sure Lebron knows no matter what he says, it don't matter unless he either beats them next year or else.

  9. All I get from this is that LeBron's a little bitch he can troll anyone he wants act all smug and shit but can't take the heat when it comes his way. It's all fun and games until your the one getting trolled right LeBron fans, LOL


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