Donovan Mitchell explains that Ben Simmons-trolling shirt | ESPN

Donovan Mitchell speaks to Ramona Shelburne after the Utah Jazz’s 119-79 win over the Golden State Warriors, and explains the “rookie” shirt he wore to troll Ben Simmons.

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48 thoughts on “Donovan Mitchell explains that Ben Simmons-trolling shirt | ESPN”

  1. Ben Simmons is a trash stat stuffing sophomore in the weak Eastern conference, while Mitchell is an elite scoring rookie leading his team in the tough western conference. Mitchell=ROTY

  2. All the Donovan Mithall fans please listen who cares what you think or i think because at the end of the day Ben Simmons is considered a rookie deservingly might i add, but he is considered a rookie and he deserves ROTY but everybody hates on greatness and idk why people hate on the lebrons and the bradys of the world and idk why ben simmons is averaging 4 less points but he also is averaging 4+ more rebounds and assist hes is shooting 10+ points better from the field and he is the only rookie EVER to get 1,000 Points 500 assist 500 rebounds 50 blocks and 50 steals if you dont think that deserves ROTY then u should probably stop watching basketball bc you just a fan boy that rides anybodys dick who is popular

  3. Who's the better player? Simmons by a long shot, shouldn't even be a discussion. If your only argument is that Simmons isn't a rookie, shows that you acknowledge him as teh better player.

  4. Donovan ROY, dey only gone choose Ben bcuz he be suckin lebron dick.. Dey dont wanna piss da king off.. Ben cant even shoot outside of 4 feet.. Look at it dis way, Donovan can do everything Ben can do, but can u say the same Vice versa??? #RestMyCase

  5. Wearing The shirt basically says Donovan is the best "rookie" but Ben is the better "non-rookie". So according to the NBA rules Ben Simmons is the ROTY

  6. His shirt said some who "plays"…plays…so that means Simmons should be considered for rookie since he didn't play. Also complaining that Ben Simmons isn't a rookie simply solidifies that he was better and you have to rely on the not rookie argument to win. Ben Simmons for ROTY.

  7. Can you believe that this guy thought he wasn't ready to enter into the NBA? It took a scrimmage with Paul George and Chris Paul to show him that he was ready

  8. Think about it on paper 76ers have a better team than the Jazz if you take out Simmons switch him with the Jazz vise versa Donovan you'll see a whole lot of improvement in the 76ers scoring system , the fact the 76ers is filled with shooters and the Jazz is filled with role players and defensive minded players ben would only help when Rubio isn't playing point and there record would be worse

  9. Dude in Philly you seem real soft wearing that hoodie. We can't respect a man begging. You take what's yours holmes or get your stuff taken. Leave tshirt expression to white boys. Adidas sent you the shirt and pimped you like welfare. It's a shame cause you give an otherwise bland team some juice. Ben's numbers are undeniably extraordinary. Real championship contributors love to play with Ben because of the kind of player that he is. That cannot be said for you. That's why Ben Simmons will be ROY.

  10. Donovan Mitchell has been great without a doubt, but only for a certain amount of time because him and his team have gone through ups and downs. Not the case of Ben Simmons, who has been outstanding pratically all season with the 76ers.


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