[BNS] PvP – BM 6v6 (Technical Play in 6v6)

Thought i’ll release this for anyone considering light bm after my guide video, light bm Is only good in one-on-one situations in 6v6.

As soon as you get teamed up on, your last resort is to flash step your way out of the situation. Tho if used flash steps wisely (with Allegiance badge) you can have some really good stalling.

For some reason i have the most fun with light bm only in whirl wind valley, beluga seems too crowded for light bm to get any tech-chase or combo going.

so for anyone considering light bm for 6v6, whirl wind valley can be fan.. beluga is too crowded and in nova you can spec untethered (16m flash step) to troll opponents or get to their second gate easily.

gameplay by: caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150:

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